was established in year 1976. Over 30 years of building and expending, SEA GULL has successfully built a well trained and experienced crew members. As a result, SEA GULL owns the brand name of being trustworthy business partner in the nation and world wide recognized. The best spirit of SEA GULL is to commit you the entitle seafood product chain being received, handled, processed, packed, stored and delivered under the most freshness, hygienic and timely manner.

Since year 1999, SEA GULL has being the first batch in Malaysia to practice and implement the food safety and quality under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and nevertheless contribute to the development of aquaculture marine to ensure the reliability source of materials.

SEA GULL has the specialist to intensive care for your seafood ordering, to ensure the taste is delicious and maintain its healthy nutrition. At present, SEA GULL just like next to you in the nation and continues to be well known in your neighborhood.